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Mr Adekolu Modupe aka ADE WESCO was born over 70 years ago in Ifon, Ose Local Government, Ondo state. He had his basic education in same town before he started pursuing his career in music. 

It Is on record that this juju/highlife/traditional folk musician was never under apprenticeship of any other musician contrary to popular belief.
He self-taught himself to play the guitar which he still plays beautifully till date.People that know him as a young man can remember when he started his musical career by sitting very close to a popular market square known as 'OJA OLORISA' in Ifon, where he plays his guitar and singing along to entertain passersby.

His talents and passion for music saw him eventually taking his music beyond his immediate community in Ifon, playing all over the country.

Notable among his performances was when he was entertaining The Nigerian Army during the Nigerian civil war between 1967 and 1970. His shows for the Nigerian Army at that time were facilitated by his fellow socialite kinsman;
Chief Babatunde Awodeyi (Rtd Colonel).

Multitalented Ade Wesco and his DESTINY DANDIES BAND which he formed about five decades ago, waxed dozens of LPs for popular audio/video company; IBUKUN ORISUN IYE with the song "AYE WA ADUN" being one of the most popular out of his many songs. He also waxed other LPs for other companies.However, he had a hiatus from the music industry for many years due to some personal reasons. He however bounced back years back with an album titled "ENDURANCE" waxed for MALIO ENTERTAINMENTS, produced by the King Of Lyrics himself; Olayiwola Adisa (Lai Addis). 

This legend has not only entertained people in the country, he has taken his trade to other parts of the world like Europe.At his age, Ade Wesco's musical skills and dexterity can compete with even the younger ones in the music industry. The only thing that makes his heart glad is music.